Make Money Selling Patterns on Craftsy– A passive income stream possibility

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I just learned about Craftsy and I'm excited!  The best part about selling patterns on Craftsy is that it is FREE!  No listing fees.  No commissions. The process is simple!  Come find out how!

You may have noticed that I love to sew and create things.  For years I have been thinking about selling patterns of some of my designs.  I have a whole list of patterns that I plan to create.  It’s just a matter of finding the time (preferably in longer than 10 minute intervals) to write them all up.

Of course I know all about selling on Etsy, but Craftsy is new to me and is different.  I am really excited to tell you why!

Perks of Selling PDF Patterns

For craft businesses where you make and send a finished product (like I do), the more your business grows, the more work you have to do.  At some point you will run out of time.  You will either have to recruit help or stop growing.

While making an original pattern takes some work upfront, once it is made there aren’t any limits to how much money you can make from it.  It takes no additional work.  No packaging or shipping.  It becomes passive income!

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Selling on Craftsy

If you’ve heard of Craftsy, then you know they have a wonderful selection of online craft classes where you can learn skills from cake decorating to knitting.  They also have an  independent online pattern store where anyone can upload and sell their original patterns for others to buy and download. 

The best part about selling patterns on Craftsy is that it is FREE!  No listing fees.  No commissions.  Besides the small fee for accepting payments using PayPal, you get to keep the rest of the selling price (which of course you set yourself).

Shop Indie Patterns

The process is simple!

1. Make sure your PayPal account can receive payments.  If you have a student, premier, or business account (all of which are free), you are set!

2. Make your pattern a PDF.  Of course you can create your pattern in a Word document or another program, just be sure you convert it to a .pdf when you’re done.  Only .pdf format can be uploaded into the online pattern store.

3. Include a great photo.  All patterns need at least one listing photo, but can have up to five.  A fabulous photo will sell your pattern.

4. Complete the pattern description.  Craftsy will have a form for you to fill out with the details about your pattern.  Have information on materials, sizes, measurements, etc. available so potential buyers can find your patterns!


Now What?

Head on over to Craftsy, sign-up, and take a look around.  Then start pondering what e-pattern you are going to create and then get busy!

I will keep you updated on my progress in getting all these patterns out of my head and into PDFs so I can sell patterns on Craftsy too!


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    I just put together a pattern for my toddler who wanted an “Elsa dress” – aka the one dress that no stores seem to have right now. I put it together in one night for her, so it was pretty easy (if you have good sewing skills). Maybe I should clean it up and sell it – needs some instructions and a few tweaks though!

  2. says

    this is a great idea! I’ve seen lots of patterns for sale on Etsy and you’re right, it would be a great source of passive income. I haven’t heard of Craftsy but I will definitely check it out..gotta keep fueling that crafting addiction! Have a good weekend : )

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    I’ve seen some successful (at least from what I can tell) pattern shops on Etsy, but I’ve never had any luck. I signed up for Craftsy through your link. Maybe I’ll have better luck or at least more exposure. :)

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    I am a patternmaker and have over 14000 patterns in my library.
    I am curious about this pdf format for patterns and about how much you can make in a month?
    Thanks for your time and look forward to your response.

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