Frugal Fresh Start: A 28-day challenge to trim your expenses, build a budget & fix your finances

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Even though I already considered myself a somewhat frugal person, reading this made me realize there is still so more I can do to save. Through her fun, conversational writing style, Stephanie makes it an easy read, and I came away feeling motivated (rather than discouraged) to start taking action.

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Feel like you just can't get ahead financially?

You’re not alone! I get countless emails and comments from people like you who are ready to make changes for their financial future but just don’t know where to start.

That’s exactly why I wrote Frugal Fresh Start: A 28-day challenge to trim your expenses, build a budget and fix your finances.

Frugal Fresh Start is thorough and loaded with substance. It’s not meant to be read in one sitting.

Frugal Fresh Start is divided into 28 chapters to be read one day at a time. Each day includes an actionable challenge so you can make the day’s principle work for you. Because the challenges are designed to be customized to your situation, you don’t have to get frustrated with challenges that are either unattainable or too simplistic.

To put it simply, Frugal Fresh Start is 28 days packed full of real-life strategies to reach your financial goals by lowering your expenses and making the most of your hard-earned cash.

Frugal Fresh Start: A 28-day challenge to trim your expenses, build a budget & fix your finances

A Fresh Financial Start

with clear direction on where to go

Targeted Challenges

presented in a logical order for 28 days

Practical Strategies

to reduce your spending and create a budget

Encouragement and Motivation

from the friendly, conversational writing style

I love that this book can apply to anyone that wants to start getting control of their finances. The author gives daily assignments that you then apply to your own situation. After following most of the ideas and assignments in the Frugal Fresh Start, I feel much more aware of my spending habits and ready to continue the momentum I gained from this book.

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I have read a plethora of books on this very subject, simply BECAUSE I had not yet found “the one.” [Frugal Fresh Start] is extremely thorough, clear, doable and enjoyable.

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