June 2015 Debt Repayment Progress Report

debt payoff stats july 1 2105

I can't believe it's time for another budget report.  The summer is flying by!  This is our first month with a taste of variable income.  I mentioned earlier this month that our my husband's income is switching from a draw system to strictly commission.  We're optimistic about the change and the way it can help us in our huge goal to pay off all of our student loans in the next year and a half. Debt Repayment During June, we put $2,312 toward our student loans!  This went toward the 0% APR ... read more

Why We Switched to Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers

Ironically, the reason that I was first opposed to cloth diapers became the reason I switched to cloth diapers. No, I didn't suddenly fall in love with the idea of dealing with poopy cloth diapers. As with a lot of things, it came down to cost.  In the beginning, I was pretty certain that cloth diapers would not save me money.  At the time I may have been right.  Now, there is no denying that cloth diapers are saving us a significant amount of money! Our Story When our oldest (who is now ... read more

Are Your Tires Road Trip Ready?

Are Your Tires Road Trip Ready

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sam’s Club . All opinions are 100% mine. Now that the kids are out of school and we're into a summer routine, we're really looking forward to a couple of road trips we have scheduled!  In June we're meeting some friends from law school for a couple of days at the beach.  We have such a fun time catching up while our kids play together.  In July, we'll meet my whole family at a cabin in northern California.  My sisters and I have each had a ... read more

Good Price vs. Good Deal

Good Price v Good Deal

Just the other day I was at the store with my four little ones glancing through some baby clothes on clearance.  I was really struggling!  There were some great deals on some really cute baby girl clothes, but I was having a hard time deciding if I should buy some. Did my little girl need any clothes?  Was this the way I wanted to spend the money from our clothing budget?  If I did buy something, how could I decide between all the cute options?  Which would be the most useful and versatile? ... read more

Switching to Variable Income and How Variable Income Affects Our Budget

Variable Income

What would you do if your your consistent, reliable paychecks suddenly became variable?  Would it affect how you budget?  Would it make you want to be more diligent about budgeting or to just throw in the towel?  How would your spending and saving be different if you didn't know what your income would look like from paycheck to paycheck? I know some of you have already been up against these questions.  For many, having a variable income is an excuse not to budget at all.  Others manage to ... read more

Have You Started Saving For Your Children’s Education? (& Why We Did)

Have You Started Saving For Your Children's Education

Have You Started Saving For Your Children's Education? If you haven't, you're not alone.  Many parents are overwhelmed at the cost of a college education, and the rate at which that cost is increasing.  In fact, some are so paralyzed by the enormity of the goal, that they save nothing. They don't even start. They wait until they're in a "better financial position."  It's easy to say, "After we finish [insert current financial goal] we'll start saving" or "Once we get past [insert ... read more

A Week of Crock Pot Dinners (Please share your favorites too!)

week of crock pot dinners

Our days have been pretty full so far this summer.  We haven't done anything extravagant yet, just some relaxed fun like playing with friends at the park, doing art projects for the fair, seeing dollar movies at the theater, swimming in the creek, working in the garden, and sleeping under the stars. Oh the lazy days of summer! Those lazy days turn into crazy days when the dinner hour hits.  I get so caught up in summer life that I forget that I'm supposed to be the grown up around here. ... read more

Killing the “We Can’t Afford That” Mentality

We Can't Afford That Mentality

Why is it that some people can live on very little and be perfectly content, while others who seem to have plenty feel like they are dirt poor? I'll give you a clue: It has more to do with attitude than assets. Do you find yourself feeling down because you don't have the budget your neighbors seem to have? Does being frugal and pinching pennies leave you exhausted or depressed? If so, you might be suffering from the "We can't afford that" mentality. What is the "We can't afford that" ... read more

Soft French Bread {Recipe and Tutorial}

Soft French Bread

We make most things from scratch around here.  I've made sandwich bread for years, but I just started making French bread recently.  We all love it so much that I've even started making sandwiches with it!  Yep- PBJs on French bread is what's for lunch around here.  Of course it makes a perfect companion for any soup or salad, and also makes great garlic bread.  We even love it plain.  You really can't go wrong with homemade soft French bread. My favorite part about French bread in general is ... read more

8 Ways Kids Can Earn Money

8 Great Ways Kids Can Earn Money

When you teach kids how to manage money and get them excited about setting their own financial goals, it naturally follows that they will want to earn money of their own.  There are lots of ways that kids can earn money.  With the encouragement and help of their parents, even young children can have the satisfaction of earning their own money.  Letting your kids earn money is a great way to build their confidence and teach them lessons in hard work and finance that aren't taught in school My ... read more