April 2015 Debt Repayment Progress Report

debt payoff stats may 1 2015

Debt Repayment During April, we put $2,352 toward our student loans!  Our debt payments this month went toward the 0% APR balance transfer that we're using to save money on interest.  On Income Based Repayment with our current income and family size, we don't have any payments due, so we can focus all our attention on the balance transfer. We also got a deposit from SmarterBucks, which is a cash back program where the money goes directly to your student loans. It's kind of exciting to be at ... read more

Don’t Forget the Taxes!: Tax Notes for Etsy Shop or Small Business

Don't Forget the Taxes

While we're working on getting our days and nights figured out, I've got another great guest post for you!  Today's wisdom comes from Mark, the Bare Budget Guy! Just recently I was scanning my bank activity (one of my favorite go-to activities when I am procrastinating something), and I came across a $7.00 Etsy charge. “Why the heck am I being charged by Etsy?” I wondered. I’ve heard about it here and there for years, but I never expected that it would make its way into my life in the ... read more

Would You Live in a Bus to Save Money?

little bus

When people think it's strange that our family of six lives in my in-laws' unfinished basement, I want to introduce them to Sarah, who has a way more interesting living arrangement! I'm excited she's sharing her story here today! It was my husband’s idea to build a house. I would never have come up with such a far-fetched notion. I tend to be the practical one and building a house is expensive, complicated and time consuming. No, building a house was not my idea - living in a bus on the ... read more

Why We’ll Be Buying a Home in California

Why We'll Be Buying a Home in California

This post brought to you by California Association of REALTORS®. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Six Figures Under. My husband and I are from opposite sides of the country.  We met in the middle (sort of) during our undergrad years in college.  In some of our earliest conversations, he told me about the beauty of the area in California where he grew up and how it made for an ideal childhood.  (I would say he gushed, but he looked this over before posting and objected to ... read more

How Much Money is Enough Money?

enough money

I'm happy to welcome my friend Jessi, The Budget Mama to Six Figures Under today! How much money is enough money?  Seems like a simple enough question, but the problem is not the question itself, it is the ideology behind the question. “Enough money” implies that you do not have enough money right now, which may very well be true, but sitting around waiting on a money tree to start growing in your backyard is not going to help you manage your money any better. I used to think, “when I ... read more

Informed Goal-Setting: A Lesson From Baby SixFiguresUnder

Informed Goal Setting

Last week we welcomed a new member to our family, a beautiful baby girl.  Living in the boonies and having a history of speedy deliveries, my biggest concern was that we would not make it to the hospital in time.  Thankfully we arrived with an hour to spare before our ten-and-a-half pounder made her grand entrance.  Other than being larger than our other kids, she looked just like they did at birth.  We were so excited to bring her home to the rest of the family. A Change in Plans Because of ... read more

Health Insurance Options under the Affordable Care Act

health insurance options

Today I get to talk about health insurance options.  Yup,  I know you've been waiting for this part of the Financial Safety Net series.  Nothing gets your blood running quite like a good health insurance discussion. Health insurance may not be that exciting, but not having health insurance can be exciting in all the wrong ways.  A cushion against the cost of health care is an essential part of your financial safety net.  Usually, this takes the form of a health insurance policy.  Whatever ... read more

Using a Cash Envelope System– And How it Saves Money!

cash envelope system

Thanks to Nichole for sharing her insights today while I'm recovering and spending time with the newest member of the Six Figures Under family. I'll share more baby details later this week! Before my path to debt freedom, I was the Queen of Credit Cards and cash back rewards were my best friend. Fortunately, I never experienced credit card debt. However, I was and still am not anywhere near the Credit Card Master Minds as Stephanie and Mr. SixFiguresUnder. In fact, my husband and I cut up ... read more

Ultimate List of Yard Sale Tips

Ultimate List of Yard Sale Tips

Yard sales and garage sales are a great way to earn some extra cash while decluttering and cleaning out.  If you take the time to plan and advertise well, you'll set yourself up for successful sale. I love both shopping at and hosting yard sales.  My friends and family know I'm always willing to help organize and carry out their sales.  With my experience as both buyer and seller, I've put together a list of the most important tips for having a successful, money-making yard ... read more

March 2015 Debt Repayment Progress Report

Debt payoff stats april 1 2015

For those of you who didn't make it through my last post, 5 Genius Ways to Save Money on Toilet Paper, you will be happy to know that it was entirely an April Fools' joke.  I have not gone off the deep end.  We don't ration toilet paper, make our own, or any of those other ideas.  I did have a really fun time writing about it though and I'm glad I had some of you going! :) My due date is coming up in a couple of days!  I'm usually late, so I figure I've got at least a week left.  I have lots ... read more