Saving on Spouse Gifts (and our plan for this year)

spouse gifts

When money is tight, we often give the least to those who mean the most.  Instead of forgoing neighbor gifts or teacher gifts, we decide not to do anything special for our spouse.  Sometimes the stress of thinking of another gift causes us to enter into a gift-giving truce with our husband or wife. When money is tight, here are some ways to save on spouse gifts. Focus on Needs When finances are tight, we often avoid buying things for ourselves even when they would normally be justifiable ... read more

Should You Pay Off Debt Before Having Children?

should you pay off debt before having kids

For most people, finances are personal. Asking about salaries, debt and retirement savings is generally considered taboo. Deciding when to have kids (and when to stop) is even more personal than finances. Of course, as with anything else personal, you can share as much or as little as you want. You don't need to answer to anyone or feel the need to justify your decisions. So should you wait to have children (or more children) until you are debt-free? We're not.  Actually, we're ... read more

Guidelines for Giving Great Gifts

Guidelines for Giving Great Gifts

Have you ever felt like a lame gift giver?  At times I've been caught up with the thought a good gift was a gift with a high value, though I always made sure I got a great deal.  Because I was so focused on giving something that was valuable without having to spend much, I didn't pay as much attention to whether my gift was "good" by any other measurement.  Whether it was a birthday, baby shower, or Christmas, often after gifts were opened and I compared my gift to gifts from others, I went away ... read more

Setting a Present Precedent– The Biggest Favor We Did Ourselves

Present Precedent

For our daughter's first Christmas, like any new mom, I was eager to buy her lots of cute and fun things.  Of course I would be sure to get a great deal on everything (because I just can't help it), so I knew there wouldn't be a problem with overspending.  My wise husband was not worried about money either, but he was concerned with overgifting. "She's 9 months old," he reasoned.  "She already has plenty of toys and books and clothes.  She doesn't need anything." I couldn't disagree.  She ... read more

November 2014 Debt Repayment Progress Report

debt payoff stats dec 1 2014

It's time to be accountable and look at what we earned, spent and paid in debt during November.  Our spending numbers look high compared to any other SixFiguresUnder monthly budgets, but looking back at it we don't have any big regrets.  We spent the month being extra grateful for all of our many blessings.  It turns out we're even thankful for our debt! Debt Repayment This month we paid $1,781 toward our student loans.  That includes a deposit from SmarterBucks. Income Our total net income ... read more

Get YNAB for $30– For Yourself or as a Gift!


  If you've been reading Six Figures Under for any length of time, chances are good that you've heard me rave about YNAB.  YouNeedABudget (YNAB, pronounced "why-nab") is not just the best budgeting software, but it's a 4-rule method that will rock your financial world! Get YNAB for $30 Now!! If you haven't bought YNAB yet, now is the time to do so.  It's on sale for $30 today for Cyber Monday! Here's how: First go here (will open in a new tab/window), then Click on ... read more

Get $200 when You Open FREE Accounts at Capital One Black Friday Weekend

capital one 360 black friday 2014

If you haven't opened a free Capital One 360 Savings Account and free  Capital One 360 Checking Account, now is the time to do so!  For Black Friday weekend, they are offering some great bonuses!  Both their checking and savings accounts are free, so you've got nothing to lose.  I have had a Capital One 360 account for 10 years (since back when they were ING Direct) and have loved them! This year's Capital One 360 Black Friday Sale gives you $100 when you open a savings account and $100 when ... read more

Elite Blog Academy Black Friday Deal


I have hand-picked a few select Black Friday deals this weekend that I think are a great fit for many of my readers. This deal is perfect for you seasoned bloggers who want to grow your blog's traffic and income, as well as those of you who are just getting started with blogging.  You really can earn money blogging about your passion and Elite Blog Academy is the perfect guide to help you do so.  Let me explain!   When I first started my blog, Ruth Soukup had just come out with her ... read more

Do You Have a Black Friday Budget?

black friday budget

Will Black Friday make or break your budget this year?  When you stick to a budget and a well thought out plan, Black Friday can be a great time to save money.  When you hit the stores without a budget or plan, Black Friday can be a financial disaster.  Which will it be for you? Black Friday shopping-- people either love it or hate it There are the folks who will camp out in front of Best Buy hoping to get a great deal on the latest electronic gadget.  I'm sure part of it is the thrill of the ... read more

Easy Homemade Pie Crust in Bulk– Save Time and Money

easy homemade pie crust in bulk

Does the thought of making a homemade pie overwhelm you?  Pie-making used to feel like a big task to me when I took into consideration making both the crust and the filling from scratch (and in our family, there really isn't another way besides scratch). Several years ago, I learned a new recipe along with some tricks that have simplified pie-making for me.  The key was making pie crust dough in bulk and then freezing the dough balls. Making pie crusts in bulk has some wonderful ... read more